Stewardship Earth, Inc. is:

  • A Global Responders’ Leadership Thinktank,
  • An Initiatives Implementation Incubator, and
  • A Network Clearinghouse for Humanitarian Awareness, Civility and Progress.

Using Nonprofit Capital Generation methods such as Donor-Advised Program Funding, the organization empowers philanthropists in identifying and directing support to nonprofit organizations and causes best aligned with their histories, interests and legacies.

Using our in-house teams of staffed and volunteer professionals, Stewardship Earth promotes ongoing hands-on achievement through facilitating and maintaining strategic networks of issue-driven stakeholders and humanitarian thought leaders. This results in a continual flow of consultation, assessment, and developmental accountability associated with high-potential and high-impact projects, programs, and organizations.

As gaps are identified and resources become available for allocation, Stewardship Earth works to develop new and innovative approaches and opportunities for adoption and replication across targeted regions and demographic groupings. In addition to offering their support to the global humanitarian community as requested, Stewardship Earth features its own portfolio of cause-centric program initiatives, which include but are not limited to:

  • Recognition and support of proven and measurable models of humanitarian stewardship
  • Entrepreneurship and Small-Medium Business (SMB) Mentoring – Urban
  • Entrepreneurship, Economic Development and Strategic Revitalization – Rural
  • Support and community system innovations for American military veterans
  • Education and/or exoneration of identified prisoner population elements
  • Personal Development Enrichment Delivery for Survivors of Lost Spouses and Relatives

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