1.       What/Who is “Stewardship Earth”?

Stewardship Earth is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization whose focus is creating opportunities that individuals, for-profit, and other not-for-profits can engage – developing sustainable solutions for broad array of social and economic issues.


2.       How can one become active in a project or an initiative of Stewardship Earth?

Visit our website at http://stewardship.earth and register your contact information. Additionally, provide us with your area of interest.  We will contact you with more information regarding our available programs.


3.       I noticed you said you “create opportunities….for other not-for-profits”. How can my not-for-profit engage in those opportunities? Is there funding involved?

Stewardship Earth welcomes both potential partners and donees in all of its programs, projects, and initiatives. If you would like to partner with us or share your program’s information, please register your organization at http://stewardship.earth . Likewise, if you are interested your project being considered by us, please sign up for a consultation. Briefly, the consultation is designed to help us evaluate your project and develop a resource guide which may include funding based on our findings.


4.       I would like to donate to Stewardship Earth. How can I do that?

There are two ways to donate to Stewardship Earth. First, we accept direct donations in the form of cash and in-kind (property). These assets are generally donated unrestricted, unless the donation has a very specific purpose – these are known as restricted donations. Secondly, Stewardship Earth offers donors the opportunity to donate via a Donor Advised Fund (DAF). The DAF provides a degree of flexibility in directing donated dollars towards one or several programs.


5.       I am familiar with a direct donation, but what is a “Donor Advised Fund” (DAF)?

A DAF is a separately identified fund that is owned and controlled by Stewardship Earth and is endowed by the contributions of the donors. Donors contributing to a DAF have reasonable advisory privileges over the distribution or investments of the contributed assets. There is more flexibility in a DAF as compared with an unrestricted or restricted direct donation. Whereas a direct donation may be used all for a specific purpose (restricted) or used as need by the organization (unrestricted) – a DAF provides the donor a “portfolio” of programs, projects, and initiative to which the Donor may be able to direct based on their preference.


6.       May I see a list of your donors?

Stewardship Earth keeps all of its donor list private for those donors who wish to remain anonymous in their giving. Only in very specific circumstances are donors disclosed – and even then it is at the donor’s consent.


7.       I noticed that potential donees will have to go through a vetting process or consultation. What does that entail and how long will it take?

The initial consultation for potential donees and partners is a process that assists us in determining how we can best assist.  It is mainly a consultative process that will gather information to develop a profile on a potential donor’s or partner’s organization. The time to accomplish this depends on several factors – of the primary factors:

a.       The length of time in existence

b.       Quality of documentation of the organization’s processes and hierarchy

c.       Availability of key staff for interviews

d.       Quality of program documentation and budgeting


8.       I am concerned about my giving being associated with an organization that may be linked to terrorism. Who is Stewardship Earth backed by and how can a donor ensure their funds are not being commingled with terrorist funds?

Stewardship Earth, Inc. is a Georgia-based, not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization. We have developed processes to ensure that only qualified donors (individual and business) contribute assets to our direct and donor advised funds. Stewardship Earth, in its annual reports, will certify compliance with all applicable laws concerning, maintaining its tax exempt status, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) measures, anti-terrorism measures, and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 and its modifications.


9.       I would like to work for a not-for-profit like Stewardship Earth. Are there any open positions and where do I send my resume?

Stewardship Earth welcomes the addition of talent to the Stewardship Earth family. Open positions will be posted on the website at http://stewardship.earth . Additionally, you may submit your resume via the website.